Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Street play in Chitradurga

When Kavya (name changed) turned 16 years old, her parents wanted her to get married. Although she didn’t want to stop her education and become a child bride, she was unable to defend herself from the constant pressure her family put on her. Her parents found a man and arranged the marriage. On their wedding day, CHILDLINE officials stopped the marriage and advised the family on the consequences of child marriage. It was ensured that the girl resumed her studies in school and her parents agreed not to get her married before the age of eighteen.

Friends…Are you familiar with such kinds of incidents?

This is the reason why awareness campaigns like our recent street play are so crucial to begin shifting attitudes.

To educate girls and their parents to say “NO” to child marriage, Don Bosco Chitradurga under the project Women Empowerment through Collective Action and Networks (WECAN) presented a street play on 30 and 31 March 2022 in four Gram Panchayats (Medehalli, Gonuru, MD Kote, JN Kote) of the Chitradurga district. The play was enacted by the students of DB TECH, Chitradurga, and was witnessed by around 400 people. Although simple and light-hearted, the street play attracted much community attention. People from around the village gathered with great enthusiasm to participate in the events.

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