Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Promoting Entrepreneurship through WELivE

The Women Empowerment through Livelihood and Entrepreneurship (WELivE) programme in Kannur, Kerala organised a meeting of both established and aspiring micro-entrepreneurs, with the Ayyankunnu Grama Panchayat on 12 July 2022. Around 31 lady entrepreneurs along with Mr Kuriachan Payampallikunnel (Ayyankunnu GP President), Fr. Sojan Pananchickal (WELivE Director, Kannur), and the WELivE Coordinator participated in the meeting where the entrepreneurs introduced their ventures and explained the challenges that they faced.
Based on the discussion, a few business suggestions were made to organise a Sunday market, as well as a week-long Onam market during the upcoming months. The participants also came up with the idea of setting up a marketing centre in every town of the panchayat to inspire and support new entrepreneurs. The Panchayat Committee agreed to the ideas and assured their full support to the lady entrepreneurs.

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