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RESSAISIR 2K24, was organised by the Department of Social Work, Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Kannur, Kerala, in collaboration with BREADS, under the banner of its Drug Rehabilitation Education And Mentoring (DREAM) programme on 25-26 January 2024. Conducted on the college premises, the conference addressed a significant topic—Addiction and Psychosocial issues: Innovations in Social Work.

The two-day conference was a platform for students and faculty from 18 colleges in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Assam; along with other interested stakeholders, to brainstorm about awareness creation about the seriousness of drug addiction among the youth, discuss innovative mechanisms to bring change in the community, and most importantly to sensitise the youth. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. P Sadanandan (SP Crime Branch, Kannur).

Presentations of research papers and case studies, panel and plenary discussions, as well as street play competitions, triggered ideas for the prevention of addiction among the youth. Some of the topics of discussion were:

  • Adolescent behavioural issues and behavioural addiction—the way towards substance abuse, and the urgent need for intervention.
  • Co-occurrence of BPD and substance abuse among adolescents.
  • Overcoming substance use disorders.
  • Breaking digital chains: a comprehensive intervention approach for adolescents struggling with smartphone addiction.
  • Psychosocial interventions for adolescents with substance abuse.
  • Exploring paths to recovery for adolescent substance addiction and therapeutic interventions
  • Psychosocial issues and internet gambling among adolescents: possibilities of social work interventions.
  • Addiction and relationships: subjective experiences of young substance abusers
  • Psychosocial dynamics of gambling behaviour and its impact on individuals and communities.
  • Exploring the transformative role of education in shaping attitudes towards smoking: an innovative approach in addressing addiction and psychosocial issues in social work
  • An investigation of psychosocial wellbeing and internet-related sexual addiction among youth.
  • Effectiveness of psychoeducation in addiction setting in India: a systematic review.

Participants of RESSAISIR 2K24 analysed the existing problems among youth and proposed many suggestions to the practitioners in this sector:

  • Emphasis was laid on using government systems/ schemes for the youth to prevent drug/ substance abuse.
  • Focus on rescue of users, and also sensitising their primary and secondary social environments. Sensitising communities would help remove the stigma that prevents people from seeking help, which is the need of the hour.

Apart from the presentations and panel discussions, there were thematic street play competitions in which students of different colleges participated. Prizes for the competitions were distributed during the valedictory function.

RESSAISIR 2K24 was deeply insightful for the participants and is expected to ignite a spark of change in the future, through innovative mechanisms in social work practice in Kerala to fight substance abuse.

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