Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Isaac Immanuel

I’m Isaac Immanuel, from a middle-class family in Bangalore. Until I completed my preuniversity course (PUC) I did not have any problems as my Father was there to guide and help me. Unfortunately, in 2020, he got a stroke and became bedridden. My mother was unable to work as she is a physically disabled person. My younger sister is in the 6 th grade. With the need to pay rent and manage the other home needs, it became very difficult to manage the cost of both our educations without income and helping hands.

As the eldest in the family, I needed to contribute and I started delivering milk and newspapers in the mornings to earn, but it was very difficult to manage the family. Around this time, through our local parish priest, I came to know that Don Bosco BREADS provides an interest-free education loan which is repayable after getting a job.

I came to BREADS and met the Director, who understood my pain and struggle. He helped me with the Dr. Hauber Scholarship, and now I’m in the second year of a Bachelors in Computer Applications (BCA). I now have hope for my future and my family! With a professional education, I will be able to provide better for them. Thank you, Dr. Hauber and BREADS!