Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Empowerment to Redefine Circumstances


Devraj, a single-parent child growing up in Bangalore, did not have an easy-going life after his father passed away. He tried his best to support his family financially by doing part-time jobs. After completing his high school, he was at a crossroad, without a direction. At this point of time, he was introduced to the Don Bosco BREADS Educational and Skill Training (DB BEST) Academy, through his parish. Recognising a golden opportunity, he quickly registered for the free 3-month training in Hospitality Management. The training changed the course of his life. He gained self-confidence and learned to make appropriate decisions, enabling him to look at life differently.

Upon completion of the course, Devraj identified an opportunity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through a friend. He became a food and beverage associate in Dhadi Caffeino Café there, earning INR 31,500 monthly, which helps him support his family and also slowly build up a better living standard for himself. The important factor that enabled him to get the job was his Course Certificate from DB BEST, testifying that he was trained according to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) standards in India.

DB BEST’s professional-standard, short-term, free training put Devraj on to a totally different lane in life. Amply supported and guided in the process, Devraj was empowered to redefine himself and his future, for which, he says, “I thank DB BEST Academy and the staff members. It was an unforgettable period in my life.”