Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

A home for Muddukappa’s family

Muddukappa and his family have been an integral part of the child labour mission in Don Bosco Devadurga for over 15 years, living on the premises in a small house. Muddukappa served as the driver and general handyman, while Amalamma cooked for the rescued children and the Salesians. Their three children grew up and were educated in Don Bosco Devadurga as well.  Later, their son also worked in the mobile clinic outreach programme that served the tribal hamlets with basic healthcare. After Muddukappa passed away, the family requested BREADS’ support to build a small house on a plot of land that they owned. The children, who are now employed, took a bank loan for the construction while BREADS provided a portion of the building cost. Amalamma and her children now have a lovely, secure home for their family.

Muddukappa and Amalamma served the mission of Don Bosco Devadurga, faithfully working for children rescued from child labour and other situations of distress. Would you like to provide shelters for deserving people like Muddukappa and his family? Do get in touch with BREADS.

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