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Who We Are

Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS) is the planning and development office of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of Bangalore, India. With 29 years’ experience in the development sector, BREADS has implemented 615 projects with its 44 Don Bosco partners for the sustainable development of marginalised people with a specific impact on more than 100,000 children, women and youth in Karnataka and Kerala.
BREADS empowers young people and communities through education and skilling to become responsible citizens with access to their rights. The empowerment process also promotes sustainability in areas of agriculture, climate action, and clean energy, thereby encouraging healthier livelihoods among communities. We draw our inspiration from Don Bosco, priest and educator of the 19th century, who dedicated his life to the rescue and education of highly marginalised young people in his time. Don Bosco inspires thousands of people across 134 countries to continue the work of creating better futures for young people at risk.

Types of Projects

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