Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Write for the Good-2023

The Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS), in collaboration with Bosconet-SA, successfully conducted a four-day training programme titled “Write for the Good-2023” from 10-13 September 2023 at Don Bosco Provincial House, Bangalore. The training aimed to enhance the capabilities of 14 Salesians and staff members of the province in various aspects of proposal writing and project management.

The inauguration of the training programme was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Fr. Santhanam SDB (Director of Bosconet-SA), Fr. Sebastian SDB (Rector, Don Bosco Provincial House), Fr. Jitto Kunnath SDB (Assistant Director, BREADS Bangalore).

The training sessions were meticulously coordinated by Mr. Louis Manohar, the National Coordinator of Bosconet-SA. Over the course of four days, participants engaged in comprehensive learning modules, gaining valuable insights into various aspects of project development and management. The key topics covered during the programme included Fundraising Proposal Writing, Problem Analysis, Baseline Survey, Data Collection Tools, SMART Objectives, Log-frame Approach, Monitoring and Evaluation, Budgeting and Stakeholder Engagement.

To enhance the learning experience, the training sessions were designed with interactive group activities. These activities provided participants with practical opportunities to apply the concepts and skills they had acquired during the programme. The interactive approach fostered collaboration, critical thinking, and active engagement among the attendees. By imparting valuable skills and knowledge, these individuals are better prepared to address the pressing social challenges of our time and work towards a brighter future for those they serve.


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