Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Training programme-WELivE Kannur

The Women Empowerment through Livelihood and Entrepreneurship (WELivE) programme at Kannur, Kerala conducted a training on poultry farming for 160 women from Angadikadavu, Karikkottakary, Anapanthi, and Charal. The training on poultry farming was conducted after studying its feasibility in these semi-rural localities and whether the women would be able to generate income from it. The beneficiaries were also introduced to various marketing strategies. The training sessions were conducted by experts in the field of poultry farming.

After the training, ten chickens were distributed to each of these 160 women for starting their own poultry farm and generating income from the same. The intended outcome of distributing these chickens is to ensure a means of sustainable income to the families and to promote natural, nutritious, and healthy eating habits among them.

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