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Skill Training

India, being a nation with a high population of young people, certainly has the potential to achieve great heights. But the fact that most of these youth are unskilled, hampers this process. BREADS contributes to addressing the issue by acting as a catalyst that enhances the skillsets of youths, creating opportunities for them to earn sustainable livelihoods and also to move the nation in a progressive direction. BREADS’ intervenes through 44 Don Bosco partners across the states of Kerala and Karnataka, offering formal (long-term) and informal (short-term) skill training courses in various domains. The Don Bosco BREADS’ Employment and Skill Training (DB BEST) Academy is prominent in skilling youth through short-term skill trainings in:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Retail Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

A very important component of the training, is the preparation of students for the workplace through grooming, presentation, and communication skills, besides other life skills that not only promote their employability but also their ability to make a better life for themselves. The trainees are fully assisted to either find employment or to become self-employed after the courses.

The Don Bosco Job Placement Network plays an important role in linking employers, employment and unemployed youth with each other, through career guidance, job fairs and job placement services.