Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Providing Vital Healthcare to Migrant Workers

Collaborating with the Seventh Day Adventist Medical Centre, the Karnataka Interstate Migrant Alliance for Transformation (KISMAT) organised a free medical health checkup for migrant workers engaged in daily casual labour, construction work, and domestic work from North Karnataka. This event took place on 13 August 2023 at Banjara Layout, Bangalore. Seventy-eight migrant workers reaped the benefits of this health camp.

The doctors conducted a variety of health check-ups, tailored to each individual, to assess their overall health, and identify potential issues at an early stage. Among the adult population, prevalent complaints were back pain, knee pain, insufficient protein intake, low water consumption, skin allergies, and anaemia among females. A cause for concern remains that migrant workers often lack consistent healthcare, which leads to undiagnosed health problems, thereby endangering their well-being. The challenges these workers face when attempting to access healthcare services include language barriers, lack of proper documentation, and limited financial resources.  KISMAT Karnataka organised this camp to address the issue of access to healthcare by underprivileged migrant workers.

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