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Mentor’s Training Programme by DREAM Thrissur

The mentor’s training programme held on 22 July 2023 at St. Paul’s Public School, Kuriachira, aimed to empower 55 teachers and mentors with knowledge and skills to effectively address drug abuse and addiction-related issues among school students.

The event was organised by the Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring (DREAM) programme in Thrissur in association with the Deepika Children’s League (DCL). Distinguished dignitaries and professionals in the field of drug abuse prevention graced the occasion, including Rev Fr. Jose Konikara (Vicar General, Thrissur Archdiocese) and Fr. Roy Kannanchira CMI (Director, DCL), who delivered the presidential address. The training sessions were led by experts in the field who provided valuable insights and practical approaches to tackle drug abuse issues among students.

Fr. Roy Kannanchira emphasised the urgent need for proactive activities to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and the vicious cycle of addiction among school students. He underscored the importance of educating students about the consequences of addiction, not just on their own lives but also on their families and society. Fr. Roy highlighted the crucial role of teachers and mentors in identifying early signs of drug abuse and offering appropriate support and guidance to at-risk students.

Mr. Shafeek K Y, Thrissur District Coordinator of Vimukthi Mission – Excise Department, addressed  addiction-related issues within the school environment. He stressed the significance of creating a safe and nurturing space for students, encouraging open communication, and promoting a positive peer culture to prevent drug abuse.

The DREAM team representatives provided insights into the project activities designed to combat drug addiction among school students. They offered guidance on identifying various types of addiction, understanding behavioural issues associated with substance abuse, and effective interventions. Additionally, the DREAM team outlined the support that mentors and teachers could provide to empower students against drug addiction.

The mentor’s training programme provided a platform for teachers to voice their concerns about their students’ mental health and well-being. With the guidance and knowledge received from experienced professionals, the participants are now better equipped to address drug abuse and addiction-related issues among school students effectively. The event, which was a resounding success, highlighted the importance of collective efforts in raising awareness and fostering a drug-free environment in schools, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of the student community.

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