Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Igniting a spark in Mount Carmel College

Mount Carmel College invited BREADS to conduct an awareness session for its students, on the importance of educating girls from marginalised backgrounds, as a powerful tool of empowerment. The auditorium was abuzz with excitement on 24 February 2024, as Fr. Jitto engaged the 600+ audience through a presentation and videos on BREADS’ work in the social service sector. In the year 2022-23, BREADS impacted 9578 children who were at risk, through its street presence, rescue, rehabilitation, counselling, bridge courses and advocacy.

BREADS is registered as a participating NGO in the TCS World 10K Run on 28 April 2024, for the cause of Shaping Her Education (SHE). SHE is a project committed to educating 100 underprivileged girls from rural Karnataka. TCS 10 K Run provides a platform for people to support the cause. Fr. Jitto encouraged the students to participate in the run to support the cause. He urged them to use their education as a weapon to bring about transformation in the lives of girls who are marginalised and live on the fringes of society. It was a very interactive session and many of the students were interested in knowing how they could contribute in terms of time and service. The session succeeded in igniting young minds about their role in society, in uplifting underprivileged girls, and thereby bringing lasting impact in local communities and India at large.  [CB1] 

 [CB1]Should say about the TCS run as a platform?

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