Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Dry fish and women’s empowerment!

Five women, Ms. Jessy Kunjumon, Ms. Philomina Josey, Ms. Sumi Santhony, Ms. Annamma Chacko, and Ms. Ancily Yesudas, beneficiaries of the Women Empowerment through Livelihood and Entrepreneurship (WELivE) project of BREADS in Alappuzha district, officially started their We-One Activity Group (Dry Fish Unit).  The inauguration of this enterprise was done by Mrs. Soumya Raj (Chairperson, Alappuzha Municipality) on 27 August 2022. This joyful moment was realised with the support of WELivE and “Theeramythri,” (a programme for assistance to fisherwomen under the Government Fisheries department).

The women entrepreneurs received all the necessary facilitation from WELivE, including visits to the local fisheries department office, moving forward with the application process, handling banking procedures, entrepreneurship development workshops and production management training, identifying suitable locations to lease a space/property, explaining the required government project reports, and making the group aware of current conditions. These women have now set an example of empowerment not just to other women of Mangalam (their native place) and their families, but also across the whole coastal region and beyond!

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