Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

DREAM State Level Review cum Staff Training

The Drug Rehabilitation Education and Mentoring (DREAM) programme in Kerala conducted its state-level review cum staff training at Don Bosco Monvila on 4-5 August 2023. The event brought together all DREAM staff members and centre directors to discuss the progress and impact of the programme and enhance their skills in dealing with drug abuse and addiction prevention among children and youth.

The event was inaugurated by Shri Mahipal Yadhav IPS, the Excise Commissioner of Kerala. In his address, Shri Yadhav highlighted the significance of the DREAM project in addressing drug abuse and prevention. He commended the efforts made by the organisation and shared his personal experiences dealing with such cases during his work. He emphasized the importance of protecting children from all forms of abuse.

The occasion was graced by esteemed guests, including Shri Premkumar S (General Manager, Canara Bank, Kerala), Fr. George PS (Executive Director, BREADS Bangalore), Shri Vinodkumar H (Senior Manager, Canara Bank, Technopark Branch, Trivandrum), Shri. D Rajeev (Additional Excise Commissioner, Administration), and Mr. Benny Augustine (Project Manager, BREADS Bangalore)

On the first day of the training, all ten centres of the DREAM programme presented their activity, impact reports, and action plans for the year. This allowed for a comprehensive review of the progress made and identified areas for improvement. After the presentations, there was an interactive session with the staff and directors to discuss the various DREAM activities and action plans.

The second day of the training commenced with a session on “Updated Skills for Managing Children and Youth Prone to Addictions/Drug Usage,” conducted by Mr. Mathew TA from SLCA, CHASS Kottayam. The session aimed to equip the staff with better techniques for handling and supporting individuals facing addiction challenges. Following that, Fr. Dickson Eugene SDB, the Director of DB IMAGE, Don Bosco Media Centre, Vennala, Ernakulam, conducted a session on “Advocacy and Various Strategies.” This session explored different approaches to advocacy and ways to create awareness about drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation. The final session of the day was led by Mr. Benny Augustine, the Project Manager from BREADS Bangalore, on the topic of “Project Impact Assessment.” This session delved into evaluating the effectiveness of the DREAM programme’s interventions and measuring its impact on beneficiaries and the community.

The DREAM State Level Review Cum Staff Training proved to be a fruitful and informative event. The presentations and interactive discussions facilitated a better understanding of the programmes achievements and challenges. The training sessions conducted by experienced professionals provided valuable insights and enhanced the staff’s knowledge and skills in handling drug abuse-related issues among children and youth. The support and involvement of dignitaries and guests further underscored the importance of the DREAM programme’s mission in creating a drug-free and safe environment for young individuals in Kerala.


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