Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS)

Distribution of WE-AUTOs

The WE-AUTO project is a highly innovative and impactful initiative that aims to empower the women of the Kollam area in Kerala. By providing them with electric autos, the project not only addresses the transportation needs of these women, but also provides them with a source of income. With the electric autos, the fisherwomen can now easily transport their catch to the market, thereby improving their economic status.

Two women from the fishing community received e-autos on 6 February 2023. It was an important event in their lives that was attended by several dignitaries, including Mr. Sarath Chandran (JRTO, Kunnathur) and Fr. Joby Sebastian (Director, FCDP). By providing the fisherwomen with a reliable means of transport, BREADS is helping to ensure that these women can lead better lives and contribute to the growth of their communities.

In addition to improving the economic status of the fisherwomen, the WE-AUTO project also helps to break down traditional gender roles and expectations. By providing women with a means of income and a sense of independence, the project promotes gender equality and helps to create a more inclusive society.

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