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CSN Coordinator honoured as Atyhuthama Makkala Rakshaka

The Bangalore Labour Department of the Government of Karnataka, honoured Mr P.N Basavaraj, as Atyhuthama Makkala Rakshaka (Best Child Protector) in February 2024, in acknowledgement of his courageous service towards the rescue of child labourers, in collaboration with the government. Mr P.N Basavaraj has served the cause of children at risk for long years in BOSCO Bangalore. He currently coordinates the BREADS-supported Child Safety Net (CSN) programme that strengthens local communities to actively promote and protect the rights of children through vigilant activism, in collaboration with the government child protection systems. In this role, Mr Basavaraj has supported the rescue of numerous child labourers with the departments. 

The Labour Officer Mr Kiran honoured Mr Basavaraj with the award in the presence of several senior Labour Inspectors, CSN Director- Fr Johnson, BOSCO Programme Manager- Fr Joseph Dandavathi, and other CSN team members. The award is indeed a well-deserved recognition of Mr Basavaraj and his service towards children at risk.

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