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The year 2016 witnessed the successful completion of CREAM I, a flagship project of BREADS for the last four years, which made a remarkable paradigm shift from children as mere beneficiaries to children as active agents of social change and active partners in their own development. CREAM I focus on empowerment of children through action and creating children’s movement for social change.
CREAM II is the continuation of the child rights promotion efforts of BREADS with collaborative actions involving children, civil society groups and individuals located in villages and urban areas of 10 districts of Karnataka state. CREAM II will encourage and enhance children’s participation in the development process, to promote child rights and to ensure child care and protection in the project districts. CREAM II will concentrate more on capacity building of different groups/individuals and intensify its advocacy role in child rights promotion and child participation.

The impact and success factors of the structures, systems, capacity building and empowerment process of CREAM I is the pillar as an instrument for advocacy actions.
The official launching of CREAM II was done on 5th July 2016 by Mr. Tanvir Sait Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Karnataka state. So far, CREAM II achieved remarkable results on empowering the children to identify and prioritise issues relevant to them and enhances the capacity of children, communities and other civil society groups for initiating synergetic actions to uphold child rights and child participation.
Commendable measures have been planned and implemented during year 2016-17 and it has been instrumental in putting all the issues pertaining to child rights on the local as well as district and state level. CREAM II has extensively mobilized actions for the realization of the rights and development of children.

Programmes Number Outreach Total out reach
Male Female
Training for children 860 44541 49066 93607
Formation of new CRC 289 7919 8815 16734
Strengthening of existing CRC 573 19473 20860 40333
Leadership Training for New CRC members 11 330 314 644
Leadership Training for Old CRC members 20 542 504 1046
Training for Teachers 30 497 553 1050
Training for SHG members 172 228 5295 5523
Training for Youth 81 1556 1944 3500
Training for PRI members 76 1240 680 1920
Training for Govt officials 42 610 627 1237
Training for Community leaders 65 924 1153 2077
Formation of Task Force 105 3348 2415 5763
Supplementary education Centres 100 1891 2177 4068
Supplementary Education camps 7 432 480 912
CRC Network Formation &Meetings 23 268 222 490
Advocacy and campaigns 249 11193 13398 24591
Training for project staff 87 369 360 729