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Community Development

Community development projects of BREADS aim to develop skills within communities that empower them in overcoming social, economic and environmental challenges .These multifaceted projects have tried to create effective and sustainable impact on the living conditions, Health and economic status of disadvantaged communities, strengthening their livelihood capabilities by establishing systems that foster participation and self reliance.

BREADS successfully implemented eight community development projects in 2016-17, reaching out to less

privileged communities from more than 100 villages and 6 urban slums with focus on women, youth and children. These projects emphasized the building of capacities and skills of the community, thereby strengthening people’s involvement in the process of policy making and implementation. The integration of advocacy, networking, linkages and convergence with government policies and projects has assured the continuance of the development actions initiated by the projects with the high-level involvement of various stakeholders such as the direct beneficiaries, civil society, policy makers and duty bearers.