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Don Bosco Davangare had a great opportunity to have Mr. Paul and Ms. Doris Cleghorn from Scotland who developed the concept Philosophy for Children (P4C). Philosophy for Children (P4C), or enquiry based teaching is a method or technique to help the children to think for themselves with the help of teachers. Doris and Paul, who introduced the philosophy for children with much success on Scottish schools, were willing to help us develop such a model for children at Don Bosco centers.

In the second week of January 2016, Doris and Paul conducted a training programme at Don Bosco Davangare for Don Bosco teachers of Residential Bridge Course programme and RTTS tuition class teachers of Davangare, Hospet and Kerala. There was refresher training as well as a fresher training for those who have attended P4C training conducted by Mr. Padmanabh and new teachers respectively.

The training outline was laid after first day of attending four classes conducted by the teachers at different centers at Davangare. On the second day resource team started with refreshers’ training for two days and continued with fresher’s training for another two days. The first activity was to understand what teachers know and want to learn about P4C by attending the programme. Later presenters continued with the advanced level, P4C methods of teaching and rules to be followed. The sessions also included the major 6 steps in P4C and 3 points that are to be considered viz. story, personal and philosophical. They also demonstrated use of behavioural flash cards and dialogical flash cards during the class. This was a very interactive programme and teachers raised many questions which was the highlight of the programme. The apprehension in new participants got converted to enthusiasm to use the technique with children to outcaste punishments which was a part of their old teaching style. The teachers have returned happy and now we can wait to see the positive change in children.

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