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Revitalization of Child Right Clubs

On 19th December Don Bosco Yuvamarg, Ramnagara held a gathering of the Child Right Club members of three schools in Govt. Kannada Primary school Dodda Mallur and they all had one vision clear in mind that is of taking steps to ease the future voyage of the Child Right Clubs in Schools. The Grama Panchayat Development Officer Mr. Sreenivasa Moorthy inaugurating the session emphasized the need to make use of the available facilities like amount being sanctioned for building toilets in homes and especially where there are girl children he exhorted them to demand their parents to avail the Rs.12, 000.00 for every family or Rs.15, 000.00 per SC families. He also reminded the children that these days more and more children are found in the hotels and bars for work and this is not a phenomenon to be encouraged.

Fr. Sony, the Director of Don Bosco Yuva Marg speaking on the occasion sought the valuable suggestions of the children gathered and their ideas as to how to take this great task of making the Child Right Clubs feasible in all the schools. He also told the children that due to their continued effort and insistence within three or four months CHLDLINE 1098 services would begin to operate from Ramangara.

Mr. Thammanna the Head Master of Bairapattana Govt. primary School, a real Child friendly person insisted that every teacher should have his mid day meal with the children and in fact the meal should be served to Children only after the staff have tasted it and he also spoke at length about the Rights of Children and later went on to explain about their own duties too and exhorted everyone to respect each other and go on gaining all the knowledge possible. He also told the children that they should organise themselves more so as to gain with respect all that they lack in their life and it is better to approach with humility the authorities in groups rather than as individuals and if they do so even their Parents would bow their heads in front of them. There were also other dignitaries and persons who for long had served the cause of children and spoke at length supporting this cause and even taught good songs for their future use. Thanks to Mr. Lokesh the Social activist of Chennapatana and Mr. Kalleshappa, the Social activist of Magadi who interacted and gave guidance for the children.

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