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Children’s Day Celebrations at Ramnagara

After weeks of planning and rehearsals, Children’s Day finally arrived. This day is anticipated by all the neighbouring villages as a rare opportunity for children and grownups alike to come together and participate in various games, win prizes and share a meal with one another.

This year was special with the addition of cultural programs and new group of invitees. Don Bosco Yuvamarg centre based in Ramanagara operates tuition centers in different villages across the district. 12 tuition centers which included over a 100 children were invited to join the day of fun. We also had friends and relatives acquainted to the centre enjoy and take part in the events of the day.

Inauguration ceremony began at 10.30am after registration and welcome drinks with lamp lighting. In typical fashion Fr. Rector Fr. Sony officially welcomed all the guests to the program. Each tuition centre performed one program on stage which included folk dance, group songs, dramas on social issues such as child labour and child marriage and cinematic dances performed by our past and current pupils. The stage programs concluded at 12.30 after which everyone were seated along the veranda for a sumptuous meal. Hot vegetable pulav with a boiled egg was served and it combined well with a view of our green court yard in the rain.

Although it continued to drizzle, we braved the weather and started with the outdoor game stalls. sixteen stalls were set across different sections of our grounds and it featured fun fair games such as knocking down targets, balance tests, luck games, speed games, accuracy in football, cricket and basketball, blindfold games and power plays only to name a few. Everyone big and small were given coupons to participate in games and the prize winners picked lots to choose their prizes.

Over 500 prizes were given out and the prize counters closed at 3pm to ensure the visitors from far away villages reach back home in good time. It was a day of laughter, talent display, skill, creativity. Children s Day is where the locals forget their differences in age, caste, sex, other divisions and worries to be joyful and appreciate the love, affection and continued hard work of Saint Don Bosco and the Salesians. Thanks to everyone who supported us and stood behind to make this a green memory for the 400 plus kids who gathered around.


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