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On16th of May 2015. CHITHRA Don Bosco organization organized campaign action/2015 in Don Bosco, Chitradurga. There were 670 children from Don Bosco ICSE and Don Bosco State School of Chitradurga Dist. The program began at 11:30am with a formal inauguration by Fr, Varghese Pallipuram, Rector and Manager of Don Bosco Institutions. T Venkatalakshmi, President, CWC(Child Welfare Committee) of Chitradurga, DCPO(DistrictChildProtectionOfficer of Chitradurga, Fr. Anand and Fr.Paul were present for the inauguration.

Fr.Maria Julian, Director CHITHRA Don Bosco, Chitradurgaintroduced the campaign – action/2015 and explained briefly about Sustainable Development Goals and how important it was to stress education and development of children in the SDGs by calling on the leaders through this campaign.
Later onAkshay S R, student of the Don Bosco ICSE School Chitradurga, spoke about the many problems that children re facing in India like child labourchild marriage, school drop outs and child trafficking. He demanded the government should provide a safe environment for the development of children and urged the Prime Minister through the post card campaign that every child should be in school in India.
After the inauguration, post cards were distributed to the children. They were happy to write a letter to the Prime Minister regarding children’s problems in India and that these problems should be eradicated in 15 years. They urged to take rights decision towards sustainable development goals of our nation as well as our children’s development in India. At the end of the projgam they posted the letters. Children were happy to share their experience and they thanked CHITHRA staff and BREADS Bangalore for giving them a wonderful opportunity to write a letter to our prime minister and organizing such a meaningful campaign action/2015. CHITRA is also organizing the campaign in the different villages in the district of Chitradurga.

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