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Mass rescue of children from a food processing unit

BOSCO joined hands with Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) and rescued 34 child labourers aging 13 to 17 years from a food processing unit in Taverkeere, seageahalli, Bangalore. The team received a complaint from a news reporter and after undertaking a spot study executed the rescue operation on 29th April 2015. The children were supplied to the food processing unit by brokers who collected fees on each child. The children were paid a minimum amount and worked for about 10 hours daily. The children were engaged in cleaning and drying raw materials, loading and unloading boxes, labeling etc. 23 girls and 11 boys below the age of 17 were employed violating the provisions of apprenticeship act. The factory supervisor and one of the contractors were arrested and a case of bonded labour was filed under section 370 of IPC by AHTU. The rescued children were taken to the nearest Primary Health Centre for medical examination and produced before the Child Welfare Committee for rehabilitation.

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