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Summer Camp K.I.D.S., 2015 at Social Service Guild, Bangalore, Karnataka

On 1st May 2015 as part of the Summer Camp, SSG organized Sports Day for all the children attending the tuition programs in the villages. There were nearly 160 students. The Sports Day began with the inauguration at 10 AM and went up till lunch break. After the lunch the track events resumed. Finally the winners were awarded with Medals and Shields. The children were excited and very happy.

The Medals and Shields were sponsored by Mr. Senthamizh Selvan and the team of his friends, namely: Vijay Raghavan, Rahul Selvan, Krishna, Tripatti and Thyagarajan. All of them also took part in the entire event and were very helpful in organizing the day. Their presence among the children was much appreciated. We are extremely grateful to them for their kind gesture and generosity. They also sponsored Ice-cream in the evening for all the children.

Once again SSG would like to gratefully record the generous service rendered by our dear friends.

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