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Infant Rescued from the Bangalore City Railway Station

A nine month old girl child was rescued from Bangalore City Railway station by BOSCO Child help line along with Railway Protection Force at 8.00 am on 19 February 2015. The abandoned baby was found lying in a piece of cloth inside the Tirupati Fast Passenger, coach No.90899 proceeding to Mysore via Bangalore city. A plastic bag full of clothes and milk bottle was also left beside the crying baby who was spotted by the passengers inside the train at the Cantonment railway station. One of the passengers soon informed the Train Ticket Examiner while another person called on the child help line number. The TTE along with passengers carried out one round of search for the child’s parents but was in vain. When the train reached the city railway station, child was handed over to the BOSCO team in the presence of the Railway Protection Force. Though announcements were made at the city railway station for several times no one came in search of the child. The child was then taken to BOSCO Mane for temporary shelter and to Shishu Mandir for further rehabilitation.

BOSCO rescued 3887 children from the city railway station in the year 2014, of which 3541 were boys and 346 were girls. Out of the total children rescued 5 male children were below the age of 1. Between the age group of 2-5, there were 16 males and 14 females. BOSCO operates 24/7 child assistance center at the 4th Platform of the city railway station. Through continuous awareness program on the child helpline number to the passengers and the capacity building program to the railway stake holders, BOSCO is trying to create child safety zone in and around the city railway station as well as inside the moving trains. BOSCO team patrols in the moving trains in four most frequented directions and rescues unaccompanied children found inside the trains, besides giving awareness to the general public. In the year 2014 the public has referred 160 children to the child assistance center of BOSCO. 856 children were rescued from moving trains.

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