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Coconut Oil Mill-Income Generation Program by WELivE Alapuzzha

Yet another Income Generating Program- Nadham Coconut Oil, Mangalam, was facilitated by WELivE Alappuzha, under the WELivE Project by Breads Bangalore and Don Bosco Alappuzha! The four-member Self Help Group (#SHG) came up with the idea of starting their Coconut Oil Mill for a sustainable livelihood and were successful. In fact, this is the very first SHG (within Alapuzzha district) whose initiatives have led them to avail the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) loan!
WELivE Alappuzha assisted the women in getting the loan sanctioned. The WELiVE grant and the individual contribution of the four SHG members helped strengthen the initial investment. The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training and production management workshops were conducted by Krishi Vigyaan Kendra, under the State Agricultural Department, as well as Don Bosco Alappuzha.
Besides oil extraction from coconuts and marketing those products, the group ensures full utilisation of the remnants from the extraction to make things like sweets, squashes, and other yummy edibles! The official inauguration of Nadham Coconut Mills is expected to happen during the coming weeks.

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