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Don Bosco Yadgir’s response to the COVID 19 pandemic

The COVID 19 lockdown affected all of us in one way or the other. But the poor and marginalised are severely affected, struggling to make ends meet. Supported by BREADS Bangalore, Don Bosco Centre for Social Action, Yadgir is at the forefront to reach out to families in the remote villages of Yadgir district in active response to the pandemic. Identifying five vulnerable families coping with blindness, leprosy, physical and mental health challenges, death of the male earning member, DB Yadgir supported them with a safe roof, permanent electricity connection and monthly rations. Monthly rations were given to 45 families.

DB Yadgir strongly advocated with district government departments to ensure that 1250 families who returned to the villages due to COVID 19 were enrolled under the Udyoga Kathari Yojane, guaranteeing them 150 days of work per year. Further, 1000 labour cards and 1500 job cards were provided to help families access government schemes. COVID 19-related medical help was provided to underprivileged patients, besides food kits and clothes.

During the pandemic, children from different parts of the district called up CHILDLINE for help and CHILDLINE Yadgir reached out to them with essential ration kits.  DB Yadgir identified 12 children in need, providing them educational materials and financial help to ensure the continuation of their education.  The centre is geared to reach out and help people genuinely in need of support during these difficult times.

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