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Workshop on School Gardens in Yadgir

Don Bosco Yadgir conducted a two-day workshop on 18 and 19 September 2020 under the project School Garden Project- Budding New Generation Farmers for Sustainable Agriculture for 16 young leaders of ECO clubs from 5 government schools in Yadgir, Shahapur and Gurumitkal taluks.  The workshop aimed to provide the participants a hands-on experience about preparation of organic manure, kitchen gardens and the protection of the environment.

The two-day workshop dealt with the following aspects- a class on leadership qualities; practical sessions on compost manure preparation by Mr. Mallinath Pattedhar from the Yadgir Agriculture department; preparation and relevance of kitchen gardens by Mr. Sundaresh from the Horticulture department. They explained about short crops apt for kitchen and terrace gardens.  Mr. Devendrappa, Coordinator of the School Garden project led the participants through a practical demonstration of a compost pit preparation, requesting each participant to begin the process at home to recycle kitchen waste and create natural fertilisers. The participants were tasked with observing Environment Day in their schools and villages by planting saplings and organising clean-up drives. The participants were motivated to plant a tree on their birthday and to encourage others to do the same. The participants took this pledge to protect the environment: We recycle, reduce, reuse, and refuse. We save water. We plant a tree on special occasions. We avoid plastics. We do not waste food. We use public transport.  We reduce paper usage. We avoid creating garbage. We switch off lights. We think, speak and act for nature.

Apart from the practical sessions the participants were provided inputs on CHILDLINE, foster care, child marriage, child labour and precautions about the on-going COVID 19 pandemic. The activities of ECO clubs in the schools and the workshop inspired and empowered the young minds to involve parents and community in practicing environmentally-friendly behaviour, tree plantations, and clean-up drives. The young leaders wound up the workshop by planting saplings in the Don Bosco Yadgir compound.

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