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Recent Events, Women Empowerment

Workshop for Coastal Women on Kitchen and Rooftop Gardening

A workshop was held for the women from Mundakkal West, Kollam district as part of the WELivE project (Women Empowerment through Livelihood & Entrepreneurship) to encourage and suppprt women to initiate kitchen or rooftop gardening. Ms. Edna Freddy, the resource person, shared her experience and provided essential education about the subject.   After the workshop which was conducted with proper adherence to COVID precautions , the women were provided with vegetable seed kits. Those interested to acquire more information and guidance submitted applications for further programmes/information.

This was the second workshop organised as part of WELiVE, a new project under the Fishermen Community Development Programme (FCDP), begun in June 2020. The project aims to empower the coastal women to obtain sustained income through entrepreneurship development. The programme aims to support 60 women in the first year to begin kitchen or rooftop gardens.

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