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Reaching out to the Adivasis of Nagaraholle

In its efforts to reach as many groups of people affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, BREADS partnered with Good Quest Foundation, Project Vision, Corona Care Bengaluru, and AIFO India to support tribal colonies in Nagaraholle and Bandipura forests in Karnataka with grocery kits, cookies and other eatables.

As yet untouched by the Corona virus itself, safe within the forests, these families were nevertheless affected by the fallout of the pandemic: lack of incomes because of the lockdowns, closed schools and anganwadis. Therefore, their food and living situations were badly affected, especially for the children as their free school meals and lessons were no longer available. Seeing the need of the people there, BREADS organised an exclusive online mobilisation drive to collect new clothes and educational materials (books, stationery) for the children of these colonies.

Thanks to generous donors, the successful drive enabled BREADS to reach out to 353 children aged 3-15 years with new clothes and educational materials on 27-28 June 2020. Grocery kits were also distributed to 620 families across 15 hamlets namely- Goluru Hadi, Bavali Hadi, Maanimoole, Anabethodu, Thimmanahosahalli, Kere Hadi, Sebinakoli Hadi, Nadadi, Kanthana Hadi, Seegur Hadi, Dadadalli Hadi, Vaderahalli Hadi, Alanahalli Hadi, Bavikere Hadi, and Kebbepura Hadi.

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