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Don Bosco Yadgir responds to the COVID 19 Lockdown

The lockdown in Karnataka took a great toll on the common people, especially challenging daily wage labourers, migrants, and marginalised families with a loss of livelihood, lack of food and other essential needs. Don Bosco Yadgir was in action, distributing food kits to these affected people in the district, assuring them that they were not abandoned. DB Yadgir was able to identify and distribute food kits to 40 families with the support of BREADS Bangalore during 1 – 8 April 2020. The food kits included rice, dal, pulses, oil and tea powder. While distributing food kits and reaching out to the people, strict protocols and social distancing were maintained to prevent the spread of the infection. All the activities were conducted in collaboration with the district administration and the police.

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