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CHITHRA Don Bosco- part of the Chitradurga district Care Team

CHITHRA Don Bosco through the support of BREADS Bangalore, was privileged to be able to support people in need in Karackal village near Vidya Nagar with rations on 1 April 2020. The team visited the village near the Ayyappa Swamy temple and identified 11 families who were really underprivileged and without any means of sustenance. They were given enough provisions to last a week. The local Gram Panchayat member Ms. Nandhini, local leader, Mr. Raju and the local police were present to help identify those most in need.

Later, CHITHRA was informed by Mr. Prabhakar -the Child Welfare Committee chairperson, that a group of medical students from Bihar were stranded in four locations in the city and unable to access food that they could eat. The CHITHRA team with the Tahsildar Mr. Venkatesh, provided the students with 5 packets of rations. The team also exchanged ideas and views with the honourable Swamiji of Muruga Mutt, Dr. Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru, who visited the Vinayaka Chowtry to inaugurate the food distribution process for migrant workers and those residents of Chitradurga who were unable to earn and sustain themselves because of the COVID-19 lock-down.

At the same time, CHITHRA Don Bosco was privileged to be part of the Care team formed by Mr. Venkatesh- Tahsildar of Chitradurga. Accompanied by Mr. Prabhakar, the Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, the team was able to serve 9 migrant families today. The team had also received information about transgender groups living close to the highway, who also had nothing to eat. Thanks to Mr. Manjunath’s intervention, the team found a group living in a rented house with rations for just one more day. They were helped with provisions. Fr. Joe handed over five packets of provision kits to poor people nearby who had been identified by Pastor Biju, a well-wisher of CHITHRA Don Bosco. The team took stock of its provision supplies and the people they were able to help. They also clarified with the Tahsildar the modus operandi of identification, supply of provisions and other kinds of help.

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