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DB BEST- A Teaching Experience 2

The student interns from St. Joseph’s College of Law, Bangalore, conducted a session on leadership qualities for 37 trainees at DB BEST Academy on 28 January 2020 after drawing inspiration and confidence from their previous session on Communication for the same audience. In the sharing of their experience, Ms. Nita, Ms. Keerthana and Ms. Janhavi  express the passion and dedication they experienced while conducting the session.

‘After our first session on Communication, we got another opportunity to interact with the Hospitality Management, BPO and Retail Management trainees, and this time our topic was Leadership. The session was scheduled in the afternoon, we assumed the students would be weary and tired, but we were wrong. All we could see was an energetic crowd. The surplus of enthusiasm of the trainees unchained the atmosphere in the classroom.  We used more pragmatic and interesting scenarios to explain concepts better and to enhance the interactive flow of the presentation. The presentation highlighted the duties and importance of leadership, the qualities of a leader and the different forms of leadership.

Unlike the previous session, games weren’t as many, as we explained the topics in a more practical form which enhanced their understanding from a real world scenario. The session was spread over two hours which wasn’t dull or boring but rather was interactive and fun. That the students enjoyed every part of our session was quite evident from their expressions and interaction.    This fun learning and teaching process was indeed helpful for both the trainees as well as for us. For them it was a fun learning process coupled with various kinds of activities, and for us it was a good teaching experience. We believe that the exchange of knowledge will be useful for them in their futures. We are also very grateful to DB Best Academy and BREADS for providing us this opportunity which was indeed a wonderful experience’.

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