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Children's projects

Solar Lighting for Education of vulnerable children from North Karnataka

The project was implemented in North Karnataka Region by BREADS during the year 2013-14 to elicit the quality of education in the rural villages.

The project has distributed Solar Lanterns to 1200 poor children from 52 Government Schools where there is no formal power grid or absence of electricity for a long time.

Providing this basic facility encouraged the children to study well, motivate the parents to support the children in their education. The realization of the project enabled BREADS to contribute substantially to achieve the goal of universal education in northern part of Karnataka state.

Så länge brudklänning för vårsäsongen. Du kan använda en kort brudklänning, brud två väljer, och sedan köpa på nätet, mode brudklänning på nätet.These decadent times are portrayed through intricate beadwork patterns


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