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Rescue and Rehabilitation of Child labourers through institutional care, health and education at Don Bosco Bidar

The project was started on 2013 and aims at eradicating the child labourers with curative and preventive actions. The curative part provided remedial education for the rehabilitated child labourers through bridge courses while the preventive part dealt with community empowerment and campaigns for child labour eradication. The project has been implementing by Don Bosco Bidar and reached out city slums and rural villages.

Don Bosco Child labour Rehabilitation Centre

Don Bosco Rehabilitation Centre is a Residential Bridge Course Centre for the rescued child labourers. Until now 46 child labourers were rescued and admitted in Don Bosco Centre for one year bridge course. Three teachers were appointed and teaching the children on various subjects. Nutritious foods, entertainment and life skill trainings are also giving to the children

Another 1200 children were reached out from 20 villages through various child labour prevention programmes and education promotion programmes such as street plays, special camps for children and community empowerment

Organised a street play to make aware the community on the issues of child labour and importance of education. The street play conducted in 30 locations of 15 villages

15 days special camp was organised for 88 children for motivation and participation

About 16 child labourers were rehabilitated through repatriation with homes, school enrolment campaigns, etc.

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