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Children's projects

Child Labour Elimination through community empowerment at Don Bosco Project for Young at Risk Gulbarga, Karnataka

Don Bosco Programme for Young at Risk (DB PYaR) Gulbarga launched this project in November 2010 with an objective of eradicating the child labour from Gulbarga Taluk through education and community empowerment strategies. Over the years the project has achieved remarkable results. The project has reached out to 15 villages and 16 city slums with activities focused on both curative and preventive aspects of child labour eradication.

The project has initiated a street presence programme through which the street educators are in contact with the children who land on the streets of Gulbarga or living in the slums and eking out their life by begging, child labourers in the railway station, bus stands, slums and markets. The contacted children are slowly guided towards the rehabilitation process by restoring them back to their families or by placing them in child care institutions like DB PYaR, government hostels, etc. A day school (remedial and motivational education) was opened under the project for the children in the age group of 8 – 14 years

I November 2010 lanserade “Don Bosco”-programmet för ungdomar i riskzonen (DBPAR) Gulbarga detta projekt med målet att sälja kamagra 100 mg Medicin.

DB PYaR has been running two rehabilitation centres at Gulbarga for the child labourers and the children living on the streets. More than 85 children are undergoing the bridge course in these two centres.

DB PYaR has also initiated supplementary education in 15 localities covering 9 villages with a reach out to 892 children.

Formation of Self Help Groups, trainings, workshops and regular awareness classes are being conducted for the women and youth in the villages as part of DB PYaR’s community empowerment interventions.

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