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Global Week to #Act4SDGs

During the Global Week to #Act4SDGs from 20 September to 27 September 2019, BOSCO Bengaluru initiated a number of programmes to promote a world order that puts people, the planet, peace, prosperity in a spirit of partnership to make the sustainable development goals a reality.  Awareness was created at Cubbon Park, Bengaluru about the need for planting more trees, the climate crisis and preventing the felling of trees.

At GHS and GHPS, Sunkenahalli, Bengaluru, tree hugging and a massive awareness rally was conducted, in which, 85 students from the upper primary section participated. Mr. Ramaswamy, CREAM Coordinator, Bengaluru oriented the children about the need to save trees and the Chipko Movement. Students prepared placards and slogans for the rally and hugged the trees around the streets of the school in Sunkenahalli spreading the message of protecting the trees for a better today and tomorrow.

At an Anganwadi centre in Jolly Mohalla a people’s assembly on equity was organised for the mothers. Mr. Ramaswamy and the CREAM team led the session for the mothers stressing gender discrimination and gender equity. The parents were also motivated to establish gender equality in their respective homes as a first move towards gender equality in society. People’s assembly on equity was also organised at KP Agarahara with the active participation of the members of child rights club (Spoorthi club) from GMHPS, K.P. Agarahara. Children went to the streets holding placards on gender equality and SDGs, disseminating the message to the public.

At Mackan compound, a silent candle light march was held with the participation of children from Mackan compound and Nehrupuram. Holding candles and displaying powerful slogans on protection of the environment, adverse climatic changes, children’s rights and other issues of children, the march started from Nava Baharsha School and traversed its way through the streets, enlightening  residents about the highlighted issues and how active citizens  could contribute towards resolving them. Winding its way through the narrow lanes the march gathered momentum with many children coming forward eagerly to join the march thus contributing to the cause.

At BBMP Telugu and Kannada school, Thimmaiah road, Shivajinagar, children were educated about the importance of one of their basic rights -participation. The week-long activities conducted by the children conveyed a strong message to the public about the Sustainable Development Goals.

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