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Child Right Education And Action Movement CREAM

Project CREAM Child Rights Education and Action Movement was launched to establish child participation as the key facet of child development. CREAM wants to achieve a high level of child participation in child development, promote child rights and ensure child protection by establishing the appropriate structures and networks in the 10 districts chosen. The key objective is to introduce child rights education in the school curriculum of the State by demonstrating its effectiveness through the project.

Salient Features of the Project:-
–  Creating awareness on Child Rights among more than 75000 children in 450 schools
–  Human Rights Education (HRE) in 450 schools with a reach out of 22500 children
–  900 government school teachers to be trained to impart HRE in their respective schools
–  Formation of more than 450 child rights clubs
–  Training for all stakeholders (SHGs, Gram Panchayath Leaders, Government Officials, youth, teachers,     NGO leaders, etc.) in the community on child rights
–  Participatory Action Research and Campaigns by children at district and state level

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