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The power of words proven through Pathra Chaluvali..!

The CRC (Child Rights Club) children have already proved their voice could move the unshakable by real examples of advocacy actions such as toilets being built, appointment of new subject teachers, preventing/stopping child marriages, bringing back the school dropouts to school etc, where the efforts of even adults have failed. The CRC children are yet again ready for action at Chitradurga district by writing letters to the BEO, DCPU and various Government departments in concern to have their rights fulfilled. The CRC Children had written letters to the child related authorities even in the last year and thus as an impact, the number of Gramasabhas conducted by Children were seen a rise in number from 16 to 42 in the year 2018. The authorities and the concerned people were set on fire when children raised their voice and demands which set the scene restless and as adults none could stay silent on matters related to children. Similarly this year the children have written post card letters to the government authorities and departments working for children to act immediately on certain issues prominent to their village, school, community etc. The children have no compromise on their rights and are determined. The CRC children have been motivated and guided by Ms. Arpitha, the CRC Leader of Nisargha Makkala Club who is spending her free time to visit the clubs at different schools and intervene for achieving their rights. She has completed her SSLC securing high score of 91% and is determined to pursue her studies and continue her efforts for the welfare of children through CREAM Project. We hope the best efforts of children will be valued and their voice heard by the concerned authorities who are responsible to create a better community and world for children. We dream and strive in joint hands for building a better childhood for every child.

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