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The sparkling embers from Davangere

The results of 10th and PUC are declared. There’s relief, comfort and liberty as children feels free from tension and stress. The 2019 results have brought more happiness and reasons to take pride as the children from Don Bosco Child Labour Mission (DBCLM) have come in flying colours. This year 6 children have appeared for 10th board exams and two of them to PU board exams. All of them have secured first class and above. Therefore to have their success announced to the world, Don Bosco Davangere organised a Press Meet on 6th May 2019.

The lives of these children can turn inspiring to many as they represent endurance, determination and strength. The child named Ms. Sakibai passed with distinction scoring 85%. She was brought to DBCLM as a child and given all the facilities. Now she has decided to pursue her studies further in science and to take up Nursing as her profession. Similarly, the other children namely, Usha, Latha, Supreeth T.S, Amsidha and Thriveni had hailed from poor family backgrounds and they were provided the support for enrichment at Don Bosco DBCLM since the time they were brought to the centre. Deepak and C.R Maruthi who completed their PU board exams from the same centre have scored 80% and 74% respectively. All these children did not have a comfort life and easy journey in the past, yet they overcome the challenge and strived to earn this success. We are happy these children are focused, determined and have made up their decision on what path to choose for their career development. It was therefore thought to have their success story disseminated to the world as an inspiration to many children who might be facing a similar crisis in life. A press meet was thus organised on 6th May 2019 at Davangere with the support of Don Bosco Davangere and the children boldly addressed the media on their challenges and achievements. They are more courageous and experienced to face the trials life has stored for them, than the many of their same age. While we wish you success and the best, we acknowledge and appreciate you for the success you achieved only by your immense strength and fortitude.

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