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Leadership Training for the Old CRC Leaders at Davangere on 25th April 2019

The Leadership training for the old CRCs (Child Rights Club) was organised at Davangere on 25th April 2019 under CREAM II. It was a great honour to have Justice Kengabalaiah on the occasion who inaugurated the training and Mr. L.H. Arunkumar, State Legal Aid Board Member who gave the key note address at Don Bosco Child Labour Mission (DBCLM) Davangere. The committed efforts of the CREAM staff in the district made this training a reality. The leadership training for the old CRC Leaders intended to strengthen the Chid Rights Leaders to lead the advocacy actions and move in forefront as the agents of change. The intensive training for the old CRC Leaders also helped them to revitalize their knowledge, perspectives and concepts, self-motivate to taking the lead in advocating for children in community who are subject to violence and exploitation which in reverse have long or short-term effect on their mental, social and learning abilities. On the occasion of the training, the ‘World Earth Day’ annually celebrated on April 22nd was observed by watering a plant and planting a sapling in the centre. These simple gestures were embraced to conscientize the children to be more sensitised towards the ecological conservation and to mark their support for the globally raised concern, ‘Environment Protection’.

The children were sensitized and comprehended the ill effects of major child rights violations such as the child labour, child marriage, trafficking, school dropout. Even at the expansion of the project to new schools and places, the old CRCs should remain and continue to take decisive judgements and steps against those violations taking place in their community and schools. They are imbibed the leadership qualities and the communication skills to address the matters before the concerned authorities and reflect it before the existing child protection systems in the district.

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