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The children begin their story here

It’s summer again! The most awaited time of the year. The life of children revolves around studies, home works, examinations, tests and more throughout the year. Hence no wonder when children deep breathe and respite off their duties and daily studies to enjoy every bit and seconds of their holidays. Children are excited and exploring their wildest dreams, while the parents are chalking out plans on how to engage them fruitfully. As we all know children are infused of energy, liveliness, enthusiasm and great zeal to explore new and the summer holidays are taken as the best time to dive into their best areas of interest and experiments. We have always prioritised children and have devoted the best efforts to make their summer holidays best and full of fond memories to cherish. CREAM organises summer camps for the children from old and new CRCs (Child Rights Clubs) and the supplementary education every year to make their holidays worth, fruitful and fun filled.

On April 11th to 13th 2019 summer camp has been organised for the new and old CRC children at Hospet in Bellary district to lavish the children with exotic experiences and learnings. The camp had nearly 75 children from the different villages and schools. The supplementary education centres which are running under the project has also organised summer camps in the respective centres including the children from the tuitions and the villages. The camps under tuition centres have begun the camps from April 10th 2019 and it is conducted for five days on progress one after the other. During the camps children are engaged in multiple activities like craft, arts, sports, cultural, critical thinking, games, entertainments, adventures etc where it will help each of them to identify their unique interest, build their confidence, to become more social and much more. The camps also focused on moulding children as nature sensitive. The children are also cultivated the sense of ownership to the nature, the natural habitat so to become determined and advocates of change as much as they are towards child rights. The camp also incorporated the local games as to promote the traditional indigenous games. The attraction of the camp was teaching children tribal dance where on the occasion of the camp closing ceremony, they paid tribute village heritage and culture by their performance. The tribal dance was taught by the youth volunteers and it was presented to other tuition camps by the Special CRC group. These games and activities were included intentionally as a means of teaching children life skills as well as a general leisure pursuit.


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