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Exploring new platforms for spreading awareness on the Rights of Women and Children

India is home to the largest number of children in the world and their exposure to vulnerabilities and violations of rights remain multiple in nature. The manifestations of these violations are in various forms like malnutrition, abuse, inadequate health care, foeticide, infanticide, school dropout, child marriage, child labour, child trafficking, beggary and many others. The life of women in the district of Chitradurga is no better when compared to children. Hence the need for awareness on every aspect of life has become the need of the hour.

The awareness and training programme held at BCM Girls hostel, Chitradurga with the support from the various government departments and especially with the guiding support of Ms. Dilshad, Special Penal Officer, Chitradurga reinforces the same fact. The CREAM staff initiated the innovative method along with the staff of WEP (Women Empowerment Programme) who visited the BCM Girls hostel in Chitradurga on 22nd January 2019. The team conducted a two hour long awareness on Child Rights and Human rights to over 100 young girls. The awareness program has stirred their consciousness to commit themselves to the welfare of the vulnerable children. They willingly and actively interacted with Mr. Neelappa and Mr. Sannaningappa, the Social Activists of CREAM project, Chitradurga. While talking to the young girls on the same occasion, Ms. Dilshad exhorted them to make use of the available and existing facilities to stand independent and as productive citizens. The constitution bestows privileges and rights for women in India which ensures their protection, safety and above all, to raise a platform where they could live a dignified life. But lack of knowledge about the same is a hindrance to attain this. Ms. Bharath, the coordinator of the WEP Project exhorted every individual to be aware of the laws and its effects on their lives. The guests of Honour for the occasion were Mr. Rudramani from Taluk Office, Mr. Gurumurthy from IDF and Fr. Sonychan, Director CHITHRA Don Bosco. The feedback of the participants substantiated the effectiveness and impact of the program on developing positive attributes towards the vulnerable and less fortune children

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