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Capacity Building for Gender Equality in Development, Peace and Security at Hospet, Bellary

All rules relevant to gender have an effect on living conditions and access to resources for women and men. This effect is known as “gender impact.” Creating awareness about the concept is not just important to enhance the value base but also for social development of the country. The gender equality training for the youth has attempted at its best to impart these values to the youth at Hospet through capacity building training on 9 and 10 December 2018.

The program began with an inauguration and the chief guests were Fr. Lawrence, Director Don Bosco Hospet, Mr. Narendra Singh, Sr. Seema, Mr. Hyder and youth representatives. The resource person for the two days training was Mr. Narendra Singh. The program also started with a prayer recited by the youth and Ms. Niveditha welcomed the gathering. Fr. Lawrence gave an inaugural speech and asserted the importance youth play in the development of the community and the role as backbone of the country. Sr. Seema explained the purpose of the gathering and the motive of the training on the concept, Gender equality. The practical implications where equality could be practiced in daily life were pointed and how the indicated the areas where men and women are treated unequal in families and society.

The session then taken over by Mr. Narendra Singh posed questions on the audience on how important is equality for the development, and if any association between gender equality and development. The youth were confused of the terms gender equality and development but very soon with life examples they were cleared of the thought. The trainer explained that these two terms are like the two sides of a coin. The day to day examples made the youth understand that the two themes are equally important and has to grow uniformly for the overall development of the country. The participants were made to do a skit on the family incidences of inequality, making an effort to instill the themes even simpler.

The result oriented training helped the participants to realize and analyze the responsibilities and duties of children and parents. The importance of giving equal opportunities to all the children and positive enforcement through encouraging words were advised. Ms. Savithri, took a session on imposing positive impacts on the minds of youth. The Dowry prohibition Act 1961 and the penalty for demanding dowry were educated to the youth. On the whole the desired inputs were imparted to the youth through the training.

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