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BREADS awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Child Rights promotion by Best of India Records (BIR)

BREADS is proud to announce the crown received for its achievement on the Silver Year. The Best of India Records awarded BREADS, the Outstanding Achievements in Child Rights Promotion for reaching out to over 2,50,000 children across the ten districts in Karnataka through its flagship project- CREAM (Child Rights Education and Action Movement). The award was presented officially on the day of BREADS’ Silver Jubilee celebrations held on 23 November 2018 at NBCLC, JCO Colony, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore.

Best of India Records (BIR) is a record book based in Delhi, India. As the most reliable registry of records, it aims to promote excellence in every field by celebrating unique and outstanding achievements of India and Indians. BIR brings to the limelight the extra-ordinary achievements of the people who can dream big, the stories of their perseverance and passion to win. It nurtures a daring and the never-say-die spirit to conquer new heights, tame the untamed and venture into new challenges and tough terrains. The BIR presented this award as the sign of its recognition to BREADS’ achievements and impacts it has created in the social development field over the past. Through the program CREAM, children and other stakeholders have stopped 707 child marriages, rescued 2,732 children from child labour and trained 1,94,821 children on Child Rights since the inception of the project in 2012. At BIR, new records are set and the old ones are broken on a daily basis! BREADS will strive for excellence in the unceasing journey for the promotion of child rights and raised status of children in society.

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