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Leadership camp for leaders of child rights clubs at BOSCO Bangalore

On 4th and 5th October 2018, BOSCO, Bangalore organized new CRC Leadership camp under CREAM project to realize children as the agents of change. The camp commenced with the inaugural ceremony. The inauguration of the camp was done by Mr. Lohiteshwar Reddy, B.E.O, South 2. In the inaugural address, he appreciated BOSCO for the services been rendered for the welfare of children since past. Fr. Mathew Thomas, Executive Director, BOSCO greeted specially that the training may highlight the right to participation of children and the importance of unity and the promotion of same. The introduction of the training by Fr. Regi, Director, BOSCO Nilaya, helped children to gather primary information about CREAM project, child rights club, activities, desired impacts and objectives. Fr. Joy, Executive Director, BREADS Bangalore, while addressing the gathering insisted the children to be active catalyst for the change. Fr. Joy also stated the importance of knowing one’s rights for one’s sake and for the healthy development of fellow children.

The two days training exclusively trained children on child rights, role of child rights clubs in preventing violations directed against children, advocacy, leadership qualities and the laws related to child rights. The children were also explained some practices like child marriage, child labour, bonded labour, street children practiced as tradition as the violations children’s rights. The resource persons for the training were Fr. Prasad, SDB, Director, CHILDLINE, Ms. Margaret Sampath, Deputy Director, SICHREM, Ms. Celine, Volunteer, BOSCO Bengaluru, Mr. Ramaswamy, Coordinator, CREAM project and Ms. Robina Farooq, social activist, CREAM project.

The training sessions were cautiously planned to shape the children’s attitude and approach positive towards the social scenario related to child rights. Fr. Prasad facilitated a session on leadership and Ms. Celine shared the stories of successful CRC leaders who advocated for their friend when situation was against their will. The activity oriented session also helped children to comprehend better the qualities a leader should possess. The new topic, Gender equality was introduced to children during training by Mr. Ramaswamy and Ms. Robina Farooq explained them advocacy actions and the process of child protection mechanisms. Towards the end of training, the purpose of District Level Federation was explained to children and the election was conducted. Ms. Asiya and Master Dhananjay were selected as Presidents whereas Ms. Roopa, Ms. Shivaleela, Master Shreyas and Master Sudarshan were selected as Vice-Presidents of the Federation. The two days training has imparted sufficient knowledge to children regarding the concept of child rights. Children realized their rights and hence promised to act wisely when they come across any activities preventing them or their friends from enjoying their rights meaningfully. The children were given away mementos and participation certificate at the end of the day. 90 CRC leaders participated in the training (44 leaders from newly formed clubs and 46 leaders from old child rights clubs.

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