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Recent Events, Women Empowerment

TARUNI– A unique initiative by the SHG Federation at Hospet for marketing

When women considered meek and slow to progress, here is a group of women proving the world that women are capable of more than the tedious chores. The women from Self-Help Group in Hospet who have attended the entrepreneurship training under “Sustained Income for Rural Women through Entrepreneurial activities and Social Empowerment” have opened a new shop “Taruni” at Hospet. The whole purpose of the shop is that the products prepared by the rural women from different SHGs are marketed at a common platform. The Taruni shop was started from August 2018 onwards and officially inaugurated on 4th October 2018 and the event is celebrated as the mark of great accomplishment in the history of SHG Groups promoted by Don Bosco Hospet. The inauguration ceremony was marked by the presence of the auspicious guests, Ms.Mayamma, Ward Councillor, Ms.Basanthi, Taruni President, Fr. Lawrence, Rector, Fr. Yesudas, Principal, Don Bosco Professional Academy and members from 6 SHG groups. The women who are usually obstructed at the limit of trainings and have no way forward otherwise is given the opportunity to sale and market the products by providing the support to market the products strategically and being able to earn income. The products from different SHGs are collected and marketed here, including sweets, snacks, jewelleries, pouches, cloth bags, wallets, luggage bags, vanity bags and garlands. The shirts and jeans stitched in Bosco Garments will also be available at the shop for sale. The women will find struggles initially yet the best efforts, determination and strive will undoubtedly yield them great result and success.

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