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Election and formation of child rights clubs at the district level, Yadgiri

On September 12, 2018, the new office bearers for district level child rights clubs were elected and formed the district level child rights clubs under the able guidance of Mr. Rajasekher, teacher, Government High School, Shahpur, Yadgiri, the programme was organized at Don Bosco Centre for Social Action, Yadgiri during the leadership training for the leaders of child rights clubs. For the election of the candidates the electoral procedure was used with polling booths, ballot papers to choose the new office bearers. The whole process was to help children understand the election system, electoral process, the election procedure of leaders at the national, state and local levels, how they can take part in the political process and above all to know how to exercise the franchise. President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and members were elected following the same process. 58 members from child rights clubs participated in the process. The whole activity aimed at engaging the children in the electoral process and to create responsible future voters aware of the election process and responsible participation in franchise as they turn 18 eligible to vote.

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