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Capacitating the youth to meet the challenging world

The skill development at DB BEST Academy intends the empowerment and strengthening of marginalized youth moulding productive members to society by creating opportunities for growth, employment and learning. On 29 June 2018 the team from Accenture facilitated the guest lecture on talent skills, resume preparation, basic internet orientation, self-confidence and interview skills. The team was headed by Mr. Apanna, Head, HR Department, Ms. Nikhitha, Placement Coordinator and 23 members from Accenture.

The training incorporated self-analysis to help the students to reflect upon weaknesses and strengths. Each one’s positive and negative traits are to be identified, rectified and improved. The team raised many questions related to the type of job they look forward to, sustainability and continuity in a particular job, efficiency at profession, encountering challenges and competition of the job market. The students were trained on basic interview skills enhancing better performance equipped with ample knowledge. Self introduction at an interview is the most important aspect to evaluate a candidate at first and the body language plays a crucial role to create an impression. The training helped the students in multiple ways so as to boost the confidence to meet the rising challenges at work.

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